Wow Whispering

20: Vitality via Environmental & Preventive Medicine with Cathie Lippman, MD.

March 19, 2019

Guest Cathie-Ann Lippman, MD is a holistic medical doctor who practices Environmental and Preventive Medicine.

In this episode we explore several fundamentals that contribute to— or detract from— your own vitality on a daily basis.

Many people come with chronic conditions for which they are told they “will just have to live with it.” Using alternative methods, Dr. Lippman assists them so they feel better, more energetic and healthier. Good health is not the same as not being sick.

Many parents bring their children who had just been diagnosed with a condition for which a medication had been prescribed. These parents seek Dr. Lippman for different and safer options.

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“The miracles I witness using my approach. Example: the woman who complained of headaches she’s had every day for 20 years. We identified she was intolerant to bananas. When she eliminated bananas from her diet, her headaches stopped.”

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“Finding the advanced technology I use for my patients.”

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“I am passionate about restoring people to their best health.”

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Dr. Lippman is a wholistic physician with practice in environmental and preventive medicine.

Listener Incentive or Special Offer

Dr. Lippman is generously offering our listeners a free copy of her book "Your Guide to Staying Healthy in a Challenging World" (you pay postage only at priority mail rate of $7.50) Visit her website to contact her and mention “Wow Whispering” to get your copy.


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