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27: Healing Life & Creating Confidence | Guest Moira Shepard | Season1point5

February 21, 2021

Get ready for a rare treat: this extended conversation with Moira Shepard is deeply personal and beautifully uplifting. 

Her voice is in perfect harmony with her heart, as she guides us honestly and gracefully through a journey that began with difficulty for her mother and father, even before her own birth. 

With extraordinary fortitude well beyond a child’s usual grasp, Moira made it to adulthood, and found that yet again, her strengths and wisdom were necessary for what came next... and then next after that.

Moira expresses herself with modesty, calm and sweet humor, offering listeners the opportunity to witness her journey. She speaks with natural respectful for those in her personal life whose own challenges were wrought with both pain and resistance.

You will learn so much, even having your own life validated by her generous sharing.

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In this episode:

Moira shares a “Wow” 

“My sweetheart had been in a coma for two weeks. When I kissed him on Valentine's Day, he woke up. I witnessed a miracle that day. It changed everything I thought I knew about life, love, healing, and what is possible.”

Moira shares a “Whisper” 

”I'd been working on forgiving my mother for years, yet I still dreaded every visit - until the day I prayed that this time would be different and heard, "You break your own heart every time you wish she was other than as she is." In that moment, I chose to accept her exactly as she was. She was completely different the next time I saw her - warm, loving, appreciative ...That moment of realization transformed our relationship. ”

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A special offer for our listeners:

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What you’ll want to know about Moira’s work: 

Confidence Mentor Moira Shepard is the author of “Love Your Way to Success” (now on Amazon) and…“The Resistance Buster” and… “Top 4 Tips to Build Your Confidence Now.”

Moira helps coaches, healers, leaders, artists, and visionaries gain the confidence they need. She's committed to supporting them in sharing their gifts with a world that desperately needs them. 

As a transformational healer, speaker, and writer, Moira sparks breakthroughs for her audience in telesummits, blogs, articles, radio shows, and workshops.

Private clients, listeners, and readers report positive changes in their energy, attitude, and behavior after just one session with Moira. 

After 20 years in the healing arts, Moira cherishes the privilege of supporting thousands of people in creating a richly fulfilling life – including you, if you are willing. 


“I help women gain the confidence they need to share their gifts with a world that desperately needs them.”— Moira Shepard

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How to reach Moria Shepard:

      Website for Moira Shepard, Confidence Mentor 





You can find her latest book on Amazon by author’s name or title: 

“Love Your Way to Success: 5 Keys to Confidence for Creative Women Entrepreneurs”

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      Rosie’s Place, “Finding answers for 12,000 poor and homeless women a year.” 

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