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29: Singing & Stylin’ in the Dark & Light | Guest Missy Gibson | Season1point5

February 23, 2021

Imagine studying opera as kid, like Missy Gibson did, but finding her calling as both a Rock and Irish music singer/songwriter. 

Her mother made sure that Missy was given not only an amazing education and appreciation for Opera, but the lessons to successfully master its most demanding, yet rewarding musical techniques. She calls upon them to this day, using the power of her now-refined raw talent and big voice to carve out her own path in life, on and off stage, combining her creative interest into multiple overlapping career paths, including as a personal stylist with a vintage twist. 

Imagine having a mother who believed her daughter’s inner strength could shine no matter what challenges have come her way. And it does even moreso now, as you will hear in this episode’s free-flowing conversation that deepened on air, as we encountered new wows and whispers along the way.

Imagine losing that amazing mother to a much too-early death. Missy shares this reality without self-pity, based on her extraordinary capacity and special gift to live “Grateful every day.” For her, “Life is rich” no matter what, and her love and desire for connection with people is always active. 

On top of all this, she has a sparking energy and inner vitality, sharing her view of life generously with us. Enjoy the episode!

In this episode:

Missy shares a “Wow” 

“Losing my Mom when I was 26…”

Missy shares a “Whisper” 

“My mother always whispering in my ear that I could do anything I wanted to do & be anyone I wanted to be. 

Episode Quote:

“I love people! I'm passionate about connection. I feel grateful everyday.” — Missy Gibson

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About my special guest:

Missy Gibson, a Detroit native, has spent most her life as a singer songwriter and touring musician. Performing in LA bands- Breech, Nellie Bly, and traditional Irish Pub band, Paddy’s Pig.

Knowing she wanted a family and that life on the road wasn’t the most conducive choice, Missy opened a children’s resale store, which she ran successfully for several years. An avid thrifter herself with a good eye for fashion and vintage, a love for people and a desire to serve her community, this proved to be a perfect fit.

Missy soon realized that her favorite part of her retile adventure was styling kids, which soon parlayed in to styling women as well.

Missy LOVES the opportunity to help women look and feel their best by encouraging them to find and express their own personal style, which ultimately exudes confidence and well-being.

This led her add repping the LA based women’s fashion line, Cabi which serves as a great tool for her trade.

Please note: We’d love to hear from you. Your ideas and comments are most welcome about what this episode awakens within you as we share this journey.

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How to reach Missy:


Missy’s work as a Personal Stylist

Missy’s Music & Her Bands

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