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31: The Sacred Whispers in Executive Coaching | guest Jenna Dillon | Season1point5

February 25, 2021

Discover how being a professional dancer in Chicago was the perfect preparation for a thriving career as an Executive Coach for life-long people-lover Jenna Dillon.

In our conversation, Jenna shares the creative combination of curiosity and grit that blends beautifully in her way of being. She reflects on her sense of life’s adventure, and her willingness to live the work ethic that is required to explore and fulfill any passion of purpose. She unites her own wows and whispers, as she speaks with natural appreciation of “the sacred parts of life.” 

After listening to Jenna, you’ll fine your own senses awakened newly to “the way people tick” as a worthy interest to explore more deeply for yourself, inviting in the rewards that becoming more curious can bring to your world, too.  

Enjoy this fresh take on High Performance Communication! 

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In this episode:

Jenna shares a “Wow” 

“When I first started working with an executive coach as a client!”

Jenna shares a “Whisper” 

“The timing of my grandfather passing and how I choose to honor his life/passing while on a solo trip to Italy.”

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Episode Quote:

“ It is so important to be alive to sacred parts of life— the whispers that only you hear, only you have experienced within yourself.” — Jenna Dillon

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A special offer for our listeners:

Listeners can schedule a complimentary 60-minute intro coaching session with Jenna to explore what they're capable of.

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About my special guest:

Jenna Dillon is an Executive Performance Coach committed to working with high performing individuals and companies who are up to exploring what they’re capable of achieving within their lives, careers, company culture and leadership. 

Jenna has been trained in several professional development programs in phenomenology, ontological coaching via transformational coaching, neuroscience/neuroplasticity, psychology and sociology. Mentoring different types of business owners for several years, Jenna partners with her clients to uncover the values, beliefs or rules that, up until now, have controlled the way they think and run their life. She creates an environment where authenticity, vulnerability, and empowerment live in accordance with each other. 

Her list of clients includes entrepreneurs, c-suite executives, engineers, business owners, artist, doctors, physiotherapists, non-profit organizations, financial advisors, mortgage bankers, and other high performing individuals. A few of the companies and/or company leaders she’s partnered with include The Allbright, DreamWorks Universal Studios, Northwestern Mutual, NASA, and First American.

Although Jenna resides in the Los Angeles area, she has worked with clients around the US, the UK, Australia and Canada. Jenna is committed and passionate about empowering her clients, standing with them and for them, so they have the tools to break through barriers and create exponential, extraordinary results. 

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We’d love to hear from you. Your ideas and comments are most welcome about what this episode awakens within you as we share this journey.

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