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34: Soul, Heart & Being Unapologetically Human | guest Zak Lioutas | S1point5

February 28, 2021

What is being human? Zak Lioutas has taught herself, with vibrant inner spiritual guidance, to see the light in adversity, and to be grounded in heart and soul, so she can fly. 

She learned that words can stop you from living fully, just as when her mother told her from childhood to be free like a bird, yet held her so tightly so that she felt completely caged. Zak experienced depression from the inside out, not just once, but far too many times in cycles, requiring her to learn so much more than she could know was needed to fully transform that repetitive cycle. 

She talks abut the two-by-four wake-up calls in her life when lessons came hard. Yet the whispers inside never deserted her, and she shares that wisdom with us in this conversation. 

Today, people seek her out to teach them; she generously shows them not her way, but the openings available to their find their way.

When the energy of Earth called her, saying “Please come in for a landing…” she fought it, and then finally accepted that call. It brought her the gift of learning how to become one with everything, no matter whether suffering or light, and Zak gained an even more wondrous gift: authenticity. 

You are invited to hear from a powerful soul, Zak, who’s earned her Wows!

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In this episode:

Zak shares a “Wow” 

“You are stronger than you will ever recognize.”

Zak shares a “Whisper” 

“Recognizing the depth of my spirits willpower to rise from the ashes and tap deeper into my gifts.” 

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We’d love to hear from you. Your ideas and comments are most welcome about what this episode awakens within you as we share this journey.

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More about my special guest:

Zak Lioutas is a Soul Activator as well as as  Spiritual Teacher, Mentor, Healer. 

She is the Founder and C.E.O. of Be Bold, Fierce, Unstoppable. Stay tuned for news of her book, available very soon in 2021.

Zack is the Host of the Apple Podcasts series Unf*ck Your Mind (UFYM) about awakening and activating your spirit.


“I guide men and women that are at a crossroads of their life to find and create their bliss by living in their power and being authentically who they are.” — Zak Lioutas 

Zak explains about the focus of her own podcast:

“You’ll hear stories of people’s struggle to what they have done to become visionaries of the collective that is assisting humanity to join in this incredible movement [about activating and awakening your spirit]. The podcasts are real, raw conversations about life, and what people do in order to handle adversity and continue to thrive at a higher vibration. It’s not how many times you fall, it’s how fast you jump up and get at it again with a different mindset.”

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On Twitter @spiritualhstlr

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Our Podcast PSA for this episode: 

We highlight The Paralympic Games. Sport for athletes with an impairment has existed for more than 100 years. In time, rehabilitation sport evolved to recreational sport and then to competitive sport. The first such games were held in Rome, Italy in 1960 and featured 400 athletes from 23 countries. The Games are now the second biggest sporting event in the world.

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