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35: The Unbreakable Peace that Dissolves Suffering | guest Joel Drazner | S1point5

February 28, 2021

Join us for a thought experiment that points our conversation directly toward the profound jewels of awareness, in territory that special guest Joel Drazner has made his life’s passion and professional purpose.

Most people spend enormous amounts of energy and effort bouncing stressfully among perception, sensation and thoughts. Why? We are seeking to reduce pain and suffering for ourselves and those we love.

This episode is a welcome interruption of the frustration that such bouncing builds, despite our moments of success, when using up so much strength and willpower drains us of joy and peace. Temporary and partial relief are not enough, as the next challenge rushes in to overtake us once more. Joel has learned, and teaches, how to step away from that draining circle of entrapment. 

In Joel’s work as a Resilience Coach, he offers everyone a deceptively simple technique he has taught to countless people, and uses routinely himself. It does not require “experience” to use, and yields an immediate and profound impact on anyone who opens themselves to a new world of non-duality, firmed rooted in unconditional love.

With self-deference and respect for anyone who chooses to listen, Joel offers true gems in this conversation. Enjoy!

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In this episode:

Joel shares a “Wow” 

“Underlying and saturating all your experiences in life, no matter how challenging they may be on the surface, is an unbreakable peace made of unconditional love.”

Joel shares a “Whisper” 

“I am the KNOWER of all my experience, not merely the content that is known.” 

Quote:“I love to share a simple universal truth about life, that's hiding in plain sight, that, once seen, can help dissolve suffering permanently.” — Joel Drazner 

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More about my special guest:

Profession: Joel is a resilience, or end-of-suffering coach.

Joel Drazner (MA in Spiritual Psychology) is a resilience coach for individuals, businesses, students, K-12 teachers, and families with loved ones in treatment or recovery. He works with clients globally and has been a keynote speaker at various commerce and service organizations. 

Joel has worked with incarcerated women, high-schoolers, teachers, business leaders, military veterans, and attorneys grappling with stress and anxiety. He is a former radio show host, and is currently working with actors in Los Angeles on issues surrounding performance anxiety. 

Joel is also curriculum director for the International Committee of Artists for Peace, with programs addressing bullying, dropping out, and drug use among K-12 students, as well as bringing out their potential and revealing their indestructible resilience.

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We’d love to hear from you. Your ideas and comments are most welcome about what this episode awakens within you as we share this journey.

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His special offer for listeners:

A complimentary 30-minute conversation around whatever might be interrupting your peace, for those who are new to this work. Visit the website contact page to make your request.

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