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36: Feng Shui’s Ancient Wisdom & Modern Tech | guest P.K. Odle | S1point5

February 28, 2021

Direct experience is a powerful teacher, and P.K. Odle's life took a “Wow!” of a turn that suddenly lifted her from a numbing desk job in the travel industry, to one of its most prestigious positions in the LA entertainment world. 

But that was only the beginning, as a year later P.K. was headed toward success in a field she never even knew existed until a friend told her to read a book about Feng Shui. She had, and using its remedies immediately shifted her travel job after a weekend of making the changes in her home that it had suggested.

When P.K. met American Feng Shui Institute® founder Master Larry Sang, she happily walked away from her corporate career to study there, and seized the opportunity to make positive changes in the world by improving clients’ health, relationships and finances. She is now the Institute’s Executive Director, and a Master Feng Shui Consultant with both a U.S. and  international clientele.

In today’s wide-ranging conversation, she shares the 5,000 years-old roots of Feng Shui, and some of its storied history, while explaining just what practical and immediate power Feng Shui brings to anyone’s home or work life.

P.K. even connects its ancient techniques with modern technology, so listeners can understand how it can be both old and new. Enjoy!

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In this episode:

P.K. shares a “Wow” 

“When I learned that my health, relationships and bottom-line were being influenced by unseen energies in my home and workplace for my entire life.”

P.K. shares a “Whisper” 

“That I could learn to embrace change and choose to focus on the good things happening in my life to receive more of that.” 


“Changing your mindset is fantastic, especially when combined with optimizing the Feng Shui of your space, which together allow more of what you want to flow into your life.” — P.K. Odle

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Her special offer for listeners:

Email and be sure to put With Wow Whispering in the subject line. In the body of the email  include your 1st Name, Gender & full Date-of-Birth (mm/dd/yyyy), so she can email your complimentary birth TRIGRAM info. Please listen to the episode for more details.

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More about my special guest:

P.K. Odle is a Master Feng Shui Consultant and Executive Director of the renowned American Feng Shui Institute®, where she’s taught since 1998.

She is regularly quoted in magazines, newspapers, books and blogs, and is a sought-after broadcast interview guest, appearing on Extreme Makeover Home Edition, in the LA Times, and more. She’s also a popular speaker at home improvement shows, real estate groups and business seminars. Her private consulting firm, The Feng Shui Advantage® offers both on-site and remote evaluations of existing structures and project development.

P.K. creates their Personal Directions diagram and teaches them how to maximize all their directions anywhere on Earth for your entire lifetime. 

Her consultations and revolutionary Personal Directions TOOLBOX teaches clients how to manage their unique 15° Magnetic Directions according to their date-of-birth and gender, including their Prosperous vs. Consuming; Creative vs. Intellectual; Romance vs. Lonely Pillow directions.

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We’d love to hear from you. Your ideas and comments are most welcome about what this episode awakens within you as we share this journey.

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