Wow Whispering

37: What Was & What Will Be | Musings | Diane A. Curran | Completing S1point5

March 1, 2021

You are welcome to muse with us as we consider the impact of 2020, a year when all expectations were upended. Living through a pandemic, then, as now, was never something we expected of modern times.

Diane acknowledges the loss, grief, and ongoing challenges we are learning to live with. Yet the wows and whispers never stop coming our way, even if we don't quite pay attention at first. New technology is even there to help us stay connected in ways we may not have thought possible.

This episode highlights some of the gifts in Season 1.5 (S1point5) which our deeply caring and thoughtful guests so generously bring forward  in heartfelt conversations from their own lives.

May these conversations uplift and inspire, even helping us to find the energy and trust we need to move forward with what will be. 

Pleas enjoy Season 1.5, with Wow Whispering Episodes 25 through 37.

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