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5: Mindfully Doing Nothing, a Peaceful Practice with Bruce Langford

October 21, 2018

Guest Bruce Langford: “For over a decade, I've been teaching, practicing and studying mindfulness. Trained as an educator, I worked in the school system for 16 years and saw first-hand how mindfulness improves morale, effort, and satisfaction in the workforce.

Shocked by the amount of bullying being swept under the carpet, I transitioned in 2003 from teaching at a school, to empowering teachers and students who participated in my ‘Respect & Anti-Bullying' training programs where Mindfulness played an integral role.

I've now presented over 1,840 live presentations and created content for dozens of training programs. You can listen to me share thoughts and insight on mindfulness, approaching 400 guests on my Mindfulness Mode Podcast."

Please share a “Wow” 

When I knew I would become a podcaster and began planning to create a podcast on how people from all walks of life use mindfulness to become more calm, focused, and happy. I was wowed by the instant success of the Mindfulness Mode podcast and wowed by the number of high profile guests who request on a daily basis to be featured on the show.

Please share a “Whisper” 

When I knew I would transition from being a teacher into bullying prevention work. There were a number of whispers in the months before the transition actually happened.

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I coach people, helping them become mindful, focused, and grounded. 

I have a Top Ranked iTunes Podcast called Mindfulness Mode.

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Mindfulness Mode Podcast and Mindfulness Coaching for Work/Life Balance 

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“Become more calm, focused and happy by reading the top 12 books recommended on the Mindfulness Mode Podcast.” This mini 14-page ebook entitled '12 Must-Read Mindfulness Books' outlines each of the top books recommended by guests on the show. Get your digital copy now at


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Our Podcast PSA for this episode highlights “Updates on how you can take action to stop bullying. Parents, kids, educators & communities all play a role.” 

Visit them online: (a US based resource)


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