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26: Sew Inspired Sew Wow | Guest Suzzy Canny | Season1point5

February 15, 2021

As a child, Suzzy found pleasure in reading and daydreaming of beautiful dresses, and watching movies, fascinated by the costumes. Suzzy’s mother was the daughter of a fine seamstress, and the granddaughter of a German master tailor, and she happily taught avid young student Suzzy. She designed and sewed lovely dresses for her delighted firstborn daughter, which gave Suzzy a lifelong appreciation for originality and flair. 

Suzzy’s many years of sewing not only for her own family and friends led her to become an expert seamstress. She is now an accomplished custom seamstress providing dressmaking, alterations, repurposing, and more. She favors Asian silks, elegant Asian designs, and flowing fabrics as well as pure cotton and tulle. 

In this episode Suzzy shares the adventure and nitty gritty of creating a bright red silk wedding tux for a man of uniquely bold taste. It was a huge success for him, and his bride.

As we chat, Suzzy also opens the window on what collaboration means to her, and how it satisfies not just her, but her clients. She lets us see how this informs two more creative  passions in her life: her book writing and her time as a bookseller. You will come away with new excitement about your own passions in life. 

Enjoy the relaxed rhythm of Suzzy’s heartfelt conversation, and the original insights she brings to all who listen. Sew much love!

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In this episode:

Suzzy shares a “Wow” 

“The biggest WOW for me is that I can choose who I want to serve and the work I do. There is no drudgery in creating a business with joy. I love that, and my clients.”

Suzzy shares a “Whisper” 

” It's your business. Once I realized that the business is of my creation and my choice, I was changed forever.”

More about Suzzy:

Author of the delightfully warm “Like a Child”, which is available on Amazon, and was inspired by a poem that Suzzy wrote. Always lifted by the her love of collaboration she invite her stepson to illustrate this book and enjoyed creative support from the love of her life, her husband Thomas, himself a highly smile visual artist in multimedia.

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We’d love to hear from you. Your ideas and comments are most welcome about what this episode awakens within you as we share this journey.

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What you’ll want to know about Suzzy’s work: 

She encourages her clients’ to explore their creative expression, and balances her own creative flair with finely tuned attention to the details, precision and craft skills so essential to her work. Her goal is for her client to love wearing their custom garments with ease and natural confidence.

She also makes fun creations for kids, who always hold a special place in her heart!


“I am a seamstress who wants the best possible look, feel and fit for my clients. I work with that goal in mind for all my clients and we have fun creating what they like for themselves. I love individuality in fashion.”          — Suzzy Canny

How to reach Suzzy:



Suzzy Canny, Custom Seamstress & Bespoke Fashion Design

“Sometimes Like A Child Author” - Suzzy's book is on Amazon

Search under the book title, or for author Suzzy Canny

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