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11: Feng Shui Fresh Start February with P.K. Odle

February 3, 2019

Guest P.K. Odle is a Master Feng Shui Consultant who shares how to benefit from the energies of the Chinese Solar New Year which begins on February 4th.

She is also the Executive Director of the renowned American Feng Shui Institute®, where she has taught since 1998. Her consultations and revolutionary Personal Directions TOOLBOX teaches clients how to manage their unique 15° Magnetic Directions according to their date-of-birth and gender, including their Prosperous vs. Consuming; Creative vs. Intellectual; Romance vs. Lonely Pillow directions.

P.K. creates their Personal Directions diagram and teaches them how to maximize all their directions anywhere on Earth for your entire lifetime. Her consulting firm, The Feng Shui Advantage® offers local on-site and worldwide remote evaluations of existing structures and project development.

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”My point of view determines the direction my life takes me. And the circumstances in my life can be better or worse without making any changes to my space depending on the effects of the Feng Shui Annual Energy Shift every Chinese SOLAR New Year, so I choose to make the necessary remedy adjustments.”   

Please share a “Whisper”

"I control my point of view at all times. And knowing when my space is going into a Money or People (health and relationship) LOCK allows me the opportunity to Release the Lock, so I don't experience the harmful effects. Also, knowing when it's my Consuming timing vs. my Prosperous timing determines whether my bank account grow or be drained due to my activities that day."

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”I’m aware that there is Karma attached to my work, so I treat every client's space as if I were occupying it myself. My mission is to improve their health, relationships, and bottom-line so that they can live the life they desire... year after year.” 

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Master Yi Jing (IChing) Feng Shui Consultant and the Executive Director of the renowned American Feng Shui Institute.

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Send an with this special subject line: Wow Consuming. Include Your 1st Name, Gender & full Date-of-Birth (mm/dd/yyyy), and she will send you info about your consuming year, month, day and hour, plus your best sleeping direction.


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