Wow Whispering

1: Welcoming You with a Warm Hello

September 30, 2018

Hello! You are warmly welcome, as you’ve found us at the beginning of something new… I’m your Host, Diane A. Curran, and I am thrilled to be with you on this fine adventure! What are we all about?

Wow Whispering!

Do we even make time, in a world too ready to rush us everywhere, or take a few moments to savor a Wow, or reflect on a Whisper? How often do we miss, or notice and value, such gifts?

In this very first Welcome episode, we get excited about the rhythms and unexpected gifts that Wow Whispering can offer, inviting you right into discoveries of your own.

Our podcast will explore The Heart of Conversation & High Performance Communication we encounter daily in life, business, community and culture.

Join us as we reflect on curiosities, challenges, and the emerging wisdoms we seek.

Our Guests are wonderfully lively, passionate, funny and wise people ready for fascinating conversations from many walks of life. 

Healers, performing artists, athletes. Solopreneurs and entrepreneurs, psychologists and coaches, teachers and students. Writers and authors, shamans and animal intuitives, tech geeks and creative geniuses. Imagine the wows and whispers that made their lives, changed their lives. We've invited them to share their gems with you. Enjoy!

We’d love to hear from you.

Your ideas are most welcome for upcoming episodes, on these and other fascinating aspects of our shared journey.

How to reach us:




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Our Podcast PSA for this episode highlights the most visited museums in the world. Find them online:

1. The Louvre .

2. National Museum of China .

3. The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The MET) .

4. The Vatican Museum .

5. The British Museum .

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